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Ancient Treasures is one of the leading companies in the business of sculptural museum reproductions. We offer an extensive collection of around 700 museum reproductions of the main ancient cultures as well and Renaissance art. Our product lines include ancient Egyptian, Greek, Pre-Columbian, Oriental and Hindu, Celtic, Religious Art and Bronze Sculpture. Our emphasis is high quality, but reasonably priced items. All our items are either manufactured by us. For the making of art reproductions, our company has chosen masterpieces from the best museums all over the world: The Louvre, The British Museum, The National Archaeological Museum in Athens, The Egyptian Museum at Cairo, The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, among others. Working to obtain very fine pieces, up to the last detail, we only use materials and techniques that can achieve the best quality in reproducing original works of art. The finish of each reproduction, always hand made and showing craftsmanship and historical sense, is the work of an artisan. Many items are hand color detailed, and we often use fine imported marble for the bases of our statues. Each item comes with a description card that provides background on the history, mythology, location and main characteristics of the original. It is the task of our company to present to the people of today the legacy of those ancient civilizations with all the beauty and mystery of our ancestors, again, in front of our eyes and at the reach of our hands. We originally started manufacturing and marketing our products in the United States, in southern California, in 1989. Since July 2007 we left our US sales in the hands of distributors so that we can focus our full attention to the manufacturing and growth of our product line and international sales.

For international sales information and exports, contact us directly by e-mail to:


Ancient Treasures distributor contact information:

USA Distributor / USA Brand Owner

Culture Spot Inc.
930 Newark Avenue, Suite T402
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Culture Spot Inc also distributes our products to Canada and can ship to other international destinations.


European Distributor

Fonix Musik ApS
Kloftehoj 1.1, DK-8680 Ry

Phone: (+45) 86 19 58 11

Fonix Musik ApS distributes our product line in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, but can also ship orders to most European countries at local shipping rates.

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