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Buddhist Statues (Bonded Stone)

Buddha, Medicine Buddha, Happy Buddha, Head of Buddha, Life of Buddha, Buddha on a dragon, Kuan-Yin, Green Tara, White Tara, Foo-dogs.

Buddhist Wall Plaques (Bonded Stone)

Buddhas, Tibetan Wheel of Life, Kuan-Yin and dragons, Green Tara, Apsaras relief.

Oriental Fountains

Fountains including Japanese Buddha fountain, Happy Buddha fountain and Kuan-Yin fountain.

Incense Burners & Aroma burners

Buddha, Happy Buddha and Kuan-Yin incense burners

Garden Items


Buddha Bronze Statues

Very large selection of Buddhas in different poses. Medicine Buddha, Buddha in meditation, Buddha in Earth touching position, dispelling fear and protection pose, Naga Buddha, Happy Buddha, Buddha-Shakti, reclining Buddha, Buddha in teaching pose, Buddha in blessing pose. Japanese, Chinese, Indian & Thai Buddhas.

Kuan-Yin Bronze Statues

Large selection of Kuan-Yin statues in various poses such as meditation, teaching pose, royal ease, Kuan-Yin on a dragon, Kuan-Yin with baby, thousand arms Kuan-Yin, reclining Kuan-Yin.

Other Buddhist & Oriental Bronzes

Tibetan Buddhist deities such as Green Tara and White Tara. Chinese dragons.

Large Size Buddhist & Oriental Bronzes

Bronzes larger than 18"H (45cm). Buddha, Kuan-Yin.

Gold Plated Buddhist Copper Statues

Medicine Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha, Amithaba Buddha, Buddha in blessing pose, Buddha in wish giving pose, Buddha turning the wheel of the Dharma, Bodhisatwa Chenrezi, Bodhisatwa Manjusree, Green Tara, White Tara, seated Ganesh and dancing Ganesh.

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