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ITEM NAME: Maya Devi, the mother of the Buddha
SIZE: 8"H (20cm)
ITEM FINISH: Gold plated bronze

Queen Maya (was the mother of the historical Buddha Siddhartha Gautama, to whom she gave birth c. 563 BCE. Maya was the wife of king Suddhodana, the ruler of the Shakya clan of Kshatriya warriors. She was the daughter of King Suddhodhana's uncle, who was also a king of a neighboring subdivision of the same Shakya clan. Queen Maya and King Suddhodhana did not have children for twenty years into their marriage. One day however, Queen Maya dreamt of a white elephant entering her side, and became pregnant. According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha-to-be was residing as a Bodhisattva in the Tusita heaven, and decided to take the shape of a white elephant to be reborn, for the last time, on Earth. The pregnancy lasted ten lunar months. Following custom, the Queen returned to her own home for the birth. On the way, she stepped down from her palanquin to have a walk in the beautiful flower garden of Lumbini Park. She was delighted by the park, she reached for a branch to take a rest, upon what the Prince emerged from her right side and was born. It was the eighth day of April. The child was named Sidhartha, meaning "Every wish fulfilled". Queen Maya passed away seven days after the birth of the Buddha-to-be, and went to the Tusita Heaven. Her sister Prajapati became the child's foster mother.
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