Egyptian Wall Sculpture

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ITEM NAME: Queen Nefertari
SIZE: 9.5"H (24cm)
ITEM TYPE: Statue on marble base
ITEM MATERIAL: Casting stone
ITEM FINISH: Antique stone with color detail

Tomb of Nefertari, Valley of the Queens, Luxor. 19th Dynasty 1270 B.C.

The tomb of Nefertari, from which this wall fragment comes, is the largest architectural and decorative enterprise ever dedicated to a Pharaoh’s wife. Nefertari was the chief Queen and favorite wife of Ramses II. The name Nefertari means “the most beautiful of them”. Ramses II devoted the minor temple of Abu Simbel to the Goddess Hathor and dedicated it to Nefertari. There,identified with the Goddess, Nefertari intensely participated in the divine cult. Nefertari gave Ramses II his firstborn son as well as three other sons and two daughters. Nefertari died in her forties. Nefertari is standing with arms raised in signal of adoration towards an altar where Osiris is seated and Anubis is standing. The Queen, dressed in white ceremonial garb, wears the crown with the vulture headdress of Nekhbet, the protective Goddess of Upper Egypt.
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