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ITEM NAME: Ushabti
SIZE: 8"H (23cm)
ITEM TYPE: Statue on marble base
ITEM MATERIAL: Casting stone
ITEM FINISH: Egyptian faience stone

Egyptian Museum, Cairo. 26th Dynasty 600 B.C.

The Ushabti is a figurine, usually mummiform, which was placed in the tomb to carry out the necessary work in the next world which the deceased might be called upon to do. Ushabtis were also used to answer in the name of the deceased for the possible actions that they had done while alive-that is the origin of the name, Ushabti, “the one that answers”. Whenever the deceased was called in the next world to sow the fields, carry sand, etc, the Ushabti was supposed to reply, "Here am I'. The best examples like the one represented here were inscribed with a version of the sixth chapter, the Ushabti chapter of the Book of the Dead. It was believed that the recitation of the text could make the figure come alive to carry out the obligations asked for in the other world to the deceased. Here the Ushabti holds a pickaxe and an adze.
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