Egyptian Wall Sculpture

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ITEM NAME: Small Ptah
SIZE: 8"H (20 cm)
ITEM MATERIAL: Bonded marble
ITEM FINISH: Gold finish with color detail

Egyptian Museum, Cairo Dynasty XVIII, 1347-1337 B.C.

Originally a local god of Memphis, Ptah is generally represented as a standing mummiform figure with hands protruding from the tight shroud to hold a scepter that combines the “waas” scepter and the djed pillar symbols. He wears a tight-fitting cap, and has a menat hanging down behind his neck. Originally he was only a god of craftsmanship, therefore the invention of the arts were attributed to him, but in the Pyramid Age, he assumed the position as god of the creation. He created by means of his heart and tongue, thus fashioning the world by the power of his word. The god’s creative power was then manifest in every heartbeat and in every sound. Ptah was regarded as “the ancient one” who united in his person the entity Nun, the masculine aspect and Naunet, the female aspect. Ptah was known as the “sculptor of the earth” who created all beings on a potter’s wheel.
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