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ITEM NAME: Winged Maat Paying Homage to Hathor
SIZE: 10"W (26cm)
ITEM TYPE: Wall plaque
ITEM MATERIAL: Culture marble
ITEM FINISH: Antique stone with color detail

Valley of the Queens, Egypt. Dynasty XIX 1270 B.C.

This scene shows the Goddess Maat kneeling with her wings extended in a pose of paying homage to the Goddess Hathor who is seated on a throne. Maat is the Goddess of Truth and Justice who personifies cosmic order and harmony as established by the Creator-God at the beginning of time. Her symbol is an ostrich feather on her head. Hathor is the great Sky-Goddess often represented as a cow who became known as a universal Mother-Goddess. Hathor was the Goddess of joy and motherhood and the embodiment of all that is best in women. Hathor was also considered the Goddess of music, dance, light-hearted pleasure and love. She was considered the protectress of pregnant women and midwives.
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