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ITEM NAME: Tibetan Wheel of Life
SIZE: 13.75"H (35cm)
ITEM TYPE: wall plaque
ITEM MATERIAL: bonded stone
ITEM FINISH: antique stone finish

The Wheel of Life portrays the Buddhist view of samsara, the cicle of birth and rebirth. Yama, the fierce Lord of Death, holds the wheel firmly in his grasp. Yama personifies destiny, what is ordinarely called karma, and symbolizes the transient nature of all phenomena. The circle at the center shows a pig, a cock and a snake, symbols of confusion, greed and hatred, chasing each other endlessly, binding beings to the cicle of suffering through the power of karma. The main section of the wheel shows the six realms of existence: gods, titans and humans in the upper part, and animals, hungry ghosts and hell beings below. In each realm a Buddha appears to show the way to liberation. The outer ring’s twelve links represent the steps of human existence starting with ignorance. Although these links are firmly interlocked, the chain can be broken through meditative insigh that brings wisdom and ultimately liberation. The Wheel of Life reminds all sentient beings that the supreme aim is ever and always Enlightenment.
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