Egyptian Wall Sculpture

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ITEM NAME: Dancing Apsaras Relief
SIZE: 15"W x 8"H (38x20cm)
ITEM TYPE: Wall plaque
ITEM MATERIAL: Casting stone
ITEM FINISH: Antique stone

Apsaras are the beautiful goddesses of water and clouds, heavenly dancers and divine symbols of joy who were born from the foam or milk of the sea and ascended to heaven to entertain an give glory to God. Apsaras are also known as the sensual rewards of kings and heroes who die bravely in Hindu mythology. They always performed with the celestial musicians, Gandharvas, but in Khmer mythology they were elevated alone to special importance in temple decoration specially at the great temple of Angkor Wat where thousands of these graceful females adorn the temple walls. Clad only in a light cloth that hugs the thighs with its ends flying behind and glittering headdresses they are usually represented standing on a lotus blossom or flying in the open air.
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