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Archaeological Magazines

1) Archaeology Magazine - U.S.A.
Explore the human past with the premiere publication devoted to worldwide archaeological discovery. Exclusive online articles and links to related sites. Published monthly by the American Institute of Archaeology.

2) KMT Magazine - A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt. - U.S.A.
Quarterly magazine devoted exclusively to articles on the culture, history, personalities, monuments and art of ancient Egypt.

3) Biblical Archaeology Review - U.S.A.
Magazine dedicated to the archaeology of the Holy Land. Published bimonthly by The Biblical Archaeology Society.

4) Archaeology Odyssey - U.S.A. Monthly publication exploring archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean from Spain to Persia. Published bimonthly by The Biblical Archaeology Society.

5) American Archaeology - U.S.A.
Magazine dedicated to the archaeology of the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Published quarterly by the Archaeological Conservancy.

6) Athena Review Magazine - U.S.A.
Quarterly Journal of Archaeology, History and Exploration. Published quarterly by the Athena Publications.

7) Archaeology's Dig -The Archaeology Magazine for Kids - U.S.A.
Magazine dedicated to bring archaeology, paleontology and Earth sciences to children 8 to 13 years old in a style that entertains and educates. Published Bimonthly by Cobblestone Publishing Company in cooperation with the Archaeological Institute of America.

8) Antiquity - An international Journal of Expert Archaeology - U.K.
Quarterly journal of archaeological research published in the U.K. for the last 75 years.

9) Near Eastern Archaeology - U.S.A.
Covers the archaeology of the Mediterranean, Egypt, the Biblical Land and Mesopotamia. Published quarterly by the American Schools of Oriental Research. Formerly known as Biblical Archaeology.

10) Toutankhamon Magazine - Egyptology magazine in French - France

11) Bible Review - U.S.A.
Non denominational magazine dedicated to the archaeology and research of all the aspects of the bible, covering both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. Published monthly by the Biblical Archaeology Society.

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